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Real Property Disputes

Our law firm represents people in a variety of lawsuits involving ownership of real property.  We have considerable experience in representing buyers of real estate who are the victims of misrepresentations. For example, you purchase a house, and later learn that it does not have a proper foundation, or that the garage was constructed across a boundary line with the neighbor’s property.  We represent you, as the buyer, in the lawsuits against the sellers and other persons involved in the sale.

We also represent homeowners who find themselves in disputes with their neighbors about boundary lines, lot line adjustments, trimming or cutting of trees along the boundaries, use and maintenance of shared driveways, disagreements about community water wells, gates across driveways, water run-off and erosion, and other neighbor disputes. 


Employment Matters

In these times of economic stress, many workers are being laid off.  While being laid off because your employer is forced to reduce his workforce is not grounds for a lawsuit, sometimes an employer uses the economy as an excuse to take unlawful action.

While a worker can legally be laid off when his employer is losing money, he or she cannot be laid off for improper motives. A worker cannot be laid off on the basis of illegal discrimination, based on age, race, gender, religion, national origin, sexual preference, or whistle-blowing (reporting on illegal activities in the business).  It is illegal to fire a worker in order to reduce the cost of health care insurance, to prevent the worker from qualifying for a pension or other benefits, or to achieve other unfair advantages.

If you have held a job for many years but have recently been discharged for reasons which you believe are unlawful, contact our office for a no-obligation consultation.  If we believe that you have a good case, we may be willing to represent you for a contingent fee, meaning that you will not have to pay our fee in advance, and will only have to pay us a percentage of your recovery in the event that you are awarded money in a settlement or trial.

 Lawsuits against Building Contractors

It is not uncommon for disputes to arise between homeowners and building contractors who have been hired to erect homes, complete remodels, effect plumbing, electrical, or roofing repairs, or other contracted jobs.  Disputes commonly arise over the quality of work performed, the length of time it took to complete the work, and the costs of the work.  It is important to act quickly when you believe you have been damaged by faulty work or victimized by inflated charges.

Contractual disputes

We frequently handle cases involving the enforcement and interpretation of contracts.  These cases include disputes between business partners, disputes between franchisors and franchisees, disputes between business owners and banks, and disputes between shareholders and corporate management.  Our clients in these cases are usually billed at our firm’s customary hourly rate.

 Product Liability

The rule is that a product must meet the reasonable expectations of the consumer that it will be safe if properly used.

If you are injured by a defective product, you are entid to sue not only the manufacturer of the product but also all persons involved in the chain of distribution, including the wholesaler and the retailer of the product.

These cases tend to be quite complex and may require hiring an expert who is qualified to testify about the design, engineering, and manufacturing process of the product.

In a product liability case, if you are successful in proving that the product was indeed defective as the result of design or manufacturing defects, you may recover monetary damages for medical expenses, wage loss, and pain and suffering incurred as the result of your injuries.

All product liability cases require the services of an experienced and knowledgeable attorney.

Our firm has represented well over 1,000 consumers who have suffered injury or property damage as the result of defective products, and we have helped consumers to recover over $80 million in damages in product liability actions.  Please consult our firm if you are injured by a defective product.

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