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Aviation accidents

Our law firm has specialized competence in the field of aviation accidents. I have been a licensed pilot and have been flying since 1964. I have a commercial pilot’s license with instrument rating. I have represented the relatives of airplane crash victims for many years. If a loved one has died in an aviation accident, I can protect your interests by representing you in a claim against the pilot, the aircraft manufacturer, the manufacturers of defective component parts, the airline, the pilot, or the Federal Aviation Administration.
Airplane crashes are among the most complex types of accidents and require special expertise on the part of your attorney. I have that expertise from my long-time involvement in aviation matters.

Do not rely on an unqualified attorney to represent you. If someone you love has lost his or her life in an aviation accident, contact me. In a suitable aviation case, I will represent yon on the basis of a contingent fee. You will not be required to pay any fee unless you win the case, and in that event, the fee will be an agreed percentage of the total recovery.

Violations of federal aviation regulations by airmen

I am also qualified to represent pilots in actions brought by the Federal Aviation Administration in which it is alleged that the pilot has violated a Federal Aviation Regulation.

Here I am about to fly an F5 fighter.
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